Stay Positive Kit Now Available!!


The Stay Positive Collection 
Whether you are outside on a bike or inside on a trainer, we are with you on this wild ride. As a cyclist you are constantly adapting to the changing terrain and wrestling with your inner monologue. Be kind to yourself. Realign your expectations to the moment. Understand set backs as a chance to learn and grow. You got this. Push on through with the Stay Positive kit from Stokit. 
The Voyager Collection 
In 1977 NASA sent the Voyager I and II out into the cosmos to explore the outer solar system and interstellar space. On each craft was the famous golden record from Carl Sagan which contained a map of the Earth's position in the Milky Way galaxy relative to 14 pulsars. With our inaugural design we are sending this kit out into the universe in search of kindred spirits who love to ride. The 1s and 0s on the sleeve are the actual binary code for the coordinates to the 1st pulsar. We can't wait to see who is out there. Discover your passion and Stokit. 
The Enso Collection
The Enso is a Japanese symbol of balance and enlightenment. The circle is drawn in one single fluid brushstroke. There it remains, suspended in time, representing a brief moment of the mind at peace. Minutes make the hour, lone workouts make the training block, and races make the season. The bike is your brush and from every pedal stroke an Enso, offering you a chance to return to center. Discover your passion and Stokit with the Enso Kit.