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What to Wear

It can be difficult to decide how many layers you'll need for any given ride. We've got you covered.
70 F (21 C) and above - Life is good. Get ready to sweat a bit if you are heading out into the hills or knocking out a tempo effort. Short sleeve jersey, light mesh sweat wicking base layer and bib shorts should do the trick on these days. Don't forget fingerless gloves. If you happen to wipe out, the choice to rock gloves will save you from losing lots of layers of skin on your hands.
60 F (15.5 C) to 70 F (21 C) - Ah the sweet spot. At these temps your body doesn't have to work as hard to cool itself which provides optimal conditions for those harder efforts. Short sleeve jersey, light mesh sweat wicking base layer and bib shorts are sufficient over 64/65F. At the lower end of the range it is time to consider adding arm warmers. Personal preference and intensity of your session may dictate a need for a vest and knee warmers around 60-62F. If it is sunny err on the side of less, but if it is overcast its probably a good idea to layer up.
50 F (10 C) to 60 F (15.5 C) - Its starting to get a bit nippy out there. The focus here will be on clothing that helps maintain your core temperature while you are busy logging all those miles. Its time to reach for that long sleeve jersey, a sweat wicking base layer and full fingered gloves. At the top of the range some will prefer for bib shorts with knee warmers, but once it hits 55 its definitely time to consider bib knickers and maybe even a vest to help shield against the wind. 
45 F (7 C) to 50 F (10 C) - All hands on deck. Time to break out the cycling jacket, a heavier sweat wicking base layer, bib knickers, wool socks, shoe covers and full fingered gloves. Brrrrr.
45 F (7 C) and below - Yeah, no thanks. Hard pass on riding outside. You can find us in the pain cave on the ergo.